Liapin Blues (LiapiN'Roll)

Liapin Blues (LiapiN’Roll)

Liapin Blues was started in 2014. It is new experimental project that use free blues as an inspiration. Liapin Blues is not a band but a trio of musicians that haven’t previously rehearsed. They meet for “cup of tea” before the concert. They pick up their instruments on a stage only.
Current Liapin Blues members:

Alexander Liapin on guitar.

Robi Bean on Drums: Resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, working for over 30 years as a professional musician. I’ve performed with such legendary and well known artists as Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, Roy Gains, Rob Wasserman, Charlie Musslewhite, Chuck Profit, Primus and members of the Counting Crows, to name but a few. About Alexander he said:
“… Recently I’ve had the great pleasure and honor to begin working with the most talented artist Alexander Lyapin. Within the very first minutes of our initial rehearsal session, it was obvious to me that I was in the presence of a gifted contributor to our local art and music culture…”

Ilia Sun on Bass: Resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, was born September 20th 1965 in town of Akstafa,former USSR. Attended music school piano class in early years, dropped out of school at age 12 to join rock roll band/ Been performing with various bands since. Was member of art rock band Oazis, rock band Terra Incognita, some studio work.
In 1992 moved to USA, where worked with gypsy group Sound-weavers, North African singer MC Rai, rock band Mobius, recorded with blues artist James Gaunt and others. Been doing music production at Biscuits and blues, working with various blues artists.

LiapiN’Roll is similar project where Alexander collaborate with DJs.