Alexander Liapin

Alexander Liapin

Alexander is one of the finest guitar players of our times.
In the past he was a lead guitarist in the legendary “Pop-Mechanics” of late Sergey Kuryohin. He was an organizer and ideologist of the international project “Rock-Mechanica”.

In 1998 Alexander was personally invited by Sir Paul McCartney to teach a Master Class in Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
In 2006 Alexander Liapin was named “The Best Performer” by the Magazine “Musician” (Russia).
He is a current Member of ASCAP (USA) since 2004.
During his staying in US in 2002-2004 Liapin was studying and consulting at the Kenny J Record Studio in Los Angeles. After his visit and travel in USA he created a program “HWY-I” featuring his hitchhiking experience across this country (Washington DC –Denver-Grand Canyon- Las Vegas- San Diego) which he successfully presented to the Russian Audience.

1973-2000: Member of Aquarium, the most popular band in former Soviet Union and current Russian Federation.
1986-1987: Performed with Aquarium at the “IPPNW” congresses in Moscow and Montreal with Crosby, Stills & Nash.
1990: Performed at China Club (LA) with Keith Emerson (ELP) and Stevie Wonder.
1980-2000: Played with the two famous Russian rock-bands “DDT” and “Aquarium” in Russia, USA, Europe, Canada and England (with Anne Lennox, Dave Stewart, Mick Taylor, Djavan Gasparian).
1998: Taught a master guitar class at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) by personal invitation of Sir Paul McCartney.
2005-2012 – Developed and successfully using my own learning method

Currently, Alexander lives in California and runs music production academy.