Performing Arts via Guitar. Hi-Tech Composing & Arrangement via: Apple Mac OS X, Logic Pro X, Main Stage 3, Garage Band 10. Stage Performing. Jam online. Useful advises. All ages and skill levels are welcome!

The master class users the original Guitar-Learning Method created by Alexander Liapin.

The master class incorporates one three-hour session.
30 min discussion to identify student’s problem and needs. The informal character of the discussion creates trustful and relaxing atmothfera in the workshop.

Overview of improvisation techniques with emphases on the students problems and preferences identifed during the discussion.
Playing solo with the explanation of internal rhythm, spacing, and timing consept to achieve student’s self-sufitiency.
Improvisational practice under the teacher’s supervision, getting the skills of independent thinking. Improvisation using the software and hardware selected by the teacher based on his own experience.
Free-Blues© improvisational exercise which is the teacher’s original methodology. The part of the exercise is the Out of Time© improvisation style created by the teacher.

The introduction into the basics of the compositional thinking. The student will have an opportunity to schedule the personal session with the teacher to develop the practical compositional scills.

Hi-tech Mini-gig Clinic© which includes:

• Methodic using the improvisational techniques introduce at the beginning of the workshop and on teacher’s original material.
• Studio-on-stage basics, and its educational aspect.
• The difference between using a backing track during the performance versus using multi-track, where all the panoramic-dynamic options available during the performance in real time (sound-checking + sound-design in the live mode). (KNOW-HOW)

Final practical exercise than the teacher playes with any student from the group. The time of this exersise could be extended to accomodate every student who wants to play with the teacher.